Jani writes to Melissa Bachman


Dear Melissa,

I have to hand it to you.

That pic of you sitting gloating triumphantly behind the huge male lion you killed has gone viral.

I’m not saying that people aren’t admiring your big strong teeth or even your big strong breast implants.

But your timing was all kinds of special. A week after we hear that the western black rhino is officially extinct, you post this picture of yourself on all your social media sites. Now you are front page news in many countries. Even the comedian Ricky Gervais has weighed in. He thinks you are a great hunt. Typo.

When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. What then do we call a person who shoots a wild animal?

Not for food, or even for their pelt. Just for pleasure.

Help me on this. I want to understand what frisson of pleasure do you get when you see a creature toppling to its knees? Which do you prefer? A crocodile? Or a giant bear? Which turns you on more? Heaven knows you have killed enough species to be an expert.

Do you have any feelings at all? Apart from vanity, that is.

I see from all your pictures, you wouldn’t dream of going on a hunt without heavily mascara-ed eyelashes, a piece of statement jewellery, your glossy hair, neatly braided…

Perhaps that adds to the revulsion people feel when looking at you with your ‘trophies.’ Because you see, sweetie, equality of the sexes, like Communism, is great on paper. In reality it is something else. Biologically a woman is the giver of life.

When she takes life it is an aberration. When she takes life for fun it is perverse.

Your utter disregard for animals and nature is breath-taking.

I read that you desired to kill an adult male lion as it is the most sought-after trophy by wealthy foreign hunters.

The Maroi ‘Conservancy’ gang – Hannes, Laurens and Julious (sic), did your bidding and imported a lion to the area so that you could kill it. I know that you know that this is called canned hunting.

Trophy hunting is an obscenity beyond the obvious one. Trophy hunting for lion is killing healthy members of an imperiled species.

Do you know or even care that when an adult male lion is killed, the destabilization of that lion’s pride can lead to more lion deaths as outside males compete to take over the pride? Read National Geographic and learn a few things. I know I did.

Once a new male is in the dominant position, he will often kill the cubs sired by the pride’s previous leader, resulting in the loss of an entire lion generation within the pride.

Trophy hunting by definition is counter-evolutionary. It is based on selectively taking the large, robust, and healthy males from a population for a hunter’s trophy room.

These are the same crucial individuals that in a natural system would live long, full lives, protecting their mates and cubs and contributing their genes to future generations.

See why everyone thinks you are bloodless, callous and recidivist?

Your grinning happily behind a dead lion has shocked people in a country that is almost unshockable.

In South Africa rape and murder are commonplace. Let’s be more explicit. Baby rapes are prevalent. But it took your narcissistic exploits to energize a country that is compassion-fatigued.

Amid the sad and irritating news which leaves the populace numbed by your career of legalized poaching – murdering – animals touched raw nerve ends. Hunting for sport is bloody and antiquated.

In a mere four days the Stop Melissa Bachman Facebook page has had over 95,000 hits.

You awakened a vast tribe of anti-hunters who are intent on urging the international animal protection community to muster support for the plight of animals and the environment.

For that I thank you.

The website of the Maroi Conservancy – your enablers – has crashed.

When the site was up there was some feeble defense along the lines of ‘providing employment to the locals’ and ‘conservation’.

Since when does killing an almost endangered species count as ‘conservation?’ You’ve been drinking too many Klipdrifs and coke with the manne.

The money that does come into Africa from hunting pales in comparison to the billions and billions generated from tourists who come just to watch wildlife.

According to National Geographic, despite the claims that trophy hunting brings millions of dollars in revenue to local people in otherwise poor communities, there is no proof of this.

Even pro-hunting organizations like the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation have reported that only 3 percent of revenue from trophy hunting ever makes it to the communities affected by hunting.

National Geographic published a story in which Jeff Flocken, the North American director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare wrote; The United States government is considering whether to add lions to the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Such protection would ban the importation of dead trophy lions into the U.S.

A recent study led by a scientist from Duke University showed that as few as 32,000 lions are left. Approximately 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts – 80% are killed by Americans.

A few years ago I read about a South African woman who was attacked by a male ostrich. She engaged it in a fight to the death with her bare hands and managed to strangle it. An ostrich has a kick stronger than a mule and their toe-nails are sharper than a serpent’s tooth. She was knocked to the ground several times and suffered a couple of broken ribs and a punctured lung. Perhaps the whole of the human race would have celebrated your “victory” if you had been attacked by the male lion and managed to kill it with your bare hands.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of a bloke called Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t think his name comes up a great deal in the bomas you hang out in after a good day of killing. He once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Given this premise I am afraid you and your animal killing chums are egregious, recidivist and morally bankrupt.

Yours etc. Jani

P.S. Isn’t it deeply ironic that “Melissa” means honey and sweet?


Read Jani Allan’s column on rhino poaching here

1,126 thoughts on “Jani writes to Melissa Bachman

  1. Killing animals is definitely not something I would do or condone but I find a lot of people especially in the western world live in a bubble and can’t see past their own views. There are far far far worse things out there to get up on the soap box for then this. Also, attacking the women’s personal appearance such as her breast, teeth and makeup take away from the points you are trying to get across and comes off extremely petty. It reminds me that none of us are perfect and we all have negative aspects to our personalities.

  2. I am utterly sickened by this1 I have had the priviledge of being in a cage with a young female lion raised in captivity ( to prolong this wonderful; and amazing species) who had been rejected by her mother! I wonder what we will do when we have killed off some of our most wonderful creatures? Breeding programmes are fab but we need wild animals in their natural habitat!

  3. Melissa
    You make me sick as a woman .. As a human being there are NO words … Stop hiding behind the illusions of your necklace, make up and staged hair do… Find who you are and be at peace with yourself do not rely on material things to make you happy. Karma always has it’s day ..

  4. Absolutely great article, Jani – it could only be better if it does any good. But I’m afraid the people who kill for pleasure, like this, have something terribly wrong with them that won’t be cured by anything other than to chase them down, and let them feel what it’s like for the poor creatures that die for no other reason but to give the perverted killers this sick pleasure. It’s alright, no worries, I don’t own a gun but I can dream can’t I?

  5. To her, Melissa, from me.
    Now that you have successfully torn the soul from a large male lion, the king of the jungle if you will, what next do you have to achieve? You sit there with pride behind a lion. A lion you so easily killed. For how difficult must the hunt have been to stand far from a large mammal and shoot your gun? Killing that majestic creature with a bullet? If this is your definition of heroism or a trophy? When you look upon your prize do you feel self worth? Are you proud now? What’s next? Human hunting perhaps? Why not evolve to the next mammals? Or are we not worthy of your bullets because the majority of us have amo as well. But, hey if you lock us in a caged area and hunt us, leaving us utterly defenseless I suppose we wouldn’t. You will never feel the sick rush you felt again after murdering this animal. Legal or not, you killed for enjoyment. For that you should face penalty. You took away a father, a brother, an animal spirit that did not deserve to die. Do you not feel any remorse? How do you look yourself in the mirror every morning? Perhaps, the only mirror you look in is the one haunted by the reflections of your many trophies. Is that how you survive day to day? With these haunting reminders of the lives you stole? Well Melissa, morally, socially, you have successfully broken all codes. Congratulations? You are savage, not that lion. You have achieved nothing with this kill. Any recognition you receive is insubstantial in comparison to the feelings of disgust you have created among this World. With this, you should know that the lion is the sole focus of this heart-wrenching image. You are simply an influential blur in the background. Insignificant, unimportant, and lost.
    Rest in Peace sweet Lion. You deserved better, a death with dignity in your natural home environment, one of natural cause. Not a death as a result of a human killing for sport.

  6. Jani, your eloquence will make a difference, the fact you are as hot as a tiger will also help. Keep fighting the fight, the world is watching, and paying attention. Luv from Australia

  7. It’s all wrong! You have no right to take a life… That animal is not threatening your survival… I would simply like to know… Why?

  8. wow, someone killed a Lion. get over it. does pointing out the things that you think are flaws in other people make you forget how absolutely terrible each and everyone of you are?

    • Quite the reverse…. it makes me ashamed to be human sometimes knowing people try to justify this barbaric game that they play… Shoot at wooden targets…. not unnecessary killing of noble creatures we are supposed to protect.. or get a Playstation.

  9. every one is blowing this out to lunch I am a avid hunter and so is my family. if you think she a bad person for hunting or shooting a animal you are a coward your self for not being able to pull the trigger on some thing you will harvest and eat and feed your family so if you criticized her for shooting a lion or any other animal you should grow up and confront every one on facebook and the internet instead of singling out one person thank you!

  10. Who the fuck wrote this……..Obama? I support Melissa in her hunting practices! Really this article just looks like a really shitty way of guncontrol, ohhh lets get animal lovers involved and anti hunters involved! Oh my god did that lions death hurt you? No it didn’t so stop acting like you got you Dick stuck in yourzipper and shut the fuck up! Also one last thing on gun control, I bet we would have looked silly back in the 1700-1900’s going to war with peace signs, instead of flaming hot lead! Go melissa, hunt away! Fellow trophy and meat hunter!

    • I think you missed your birth century (1700-1900) Blake Woolridge since your code of ethics seems to be from that period…. its not gun control you fool its about “accountability of being caretakers” on this planet… you obviously do not measure up to this much like your companion butcher of innocents. That lions death did hurt a lot of people…over 75,000 from last count. Why don’t you contribute to the extermination of a totally un evolved parasite such as yourself and fellow cowardly scum and go hunt each other?…

    • Wow, what a vile creature you show yourself to be. You clearly demonstrate your inferior intelligence with your adolescent and facile comments & I can almost see your red neck glowing from here. You are an example of a less evolved human being and I can only hope that your gene pool dries up very soon thereby doing a great service to the rest of humanity. That said, it is never too late to change, perhaps one day your brain will engage and you will see how utterly abhorrent you are. Compassion for all, NOT bullish violence will cure the evils of the world.

  11. This is absolutley disgraceful. Killing anything just for pleasure is so wrong. These beautiful animals are so majestic.Any one that just does this for fun cannot be right in the head. All life is precious no matter whether it is human or animal. You are indeed a heartless and sick woman Melissa but I am sure one day karma will visit and then maybe we will see your lifeless body next to a lion.

  12. Very well written as a hunter I don’t believe in hunting for trophy. Especially when it’s an endangered species! That is rediculous. Hunt for food. For meat on animals there are an abundance of. That is natural. Not hunting the lions. I bet he was thinking “oh another bunch of tourists coming to say hi and take a picture…..” Bang.

    What a cruel bimbo.

    Well written and good job

  13. U go girl (Jani)! I also hate hunters, especially ones who hunt 4 pleasure. I shudder 2 think what fate this lion’s offspring will face – it sickens me 2 even think about it. I hope ur response 2 her will open her eyes, as well as hundreds &/or thousands more, after reading about the effect her action causes 2 killing a male lion. Thank you sooo much. I applaud you.
    An animal lover…

  14. I think this was written quite well. I understand, do not participate, in hunting for meat. A true hunter utilizes every inch of the animal that he or she has killed. If you see them in a picture they are talking about the size of the deer yes, but you know that that deer will most likely feed their family all winter long, and the hide will be utilized as well. Killing an animal for pleasure is part of the triad that Forensic psychiatrists use to categorize what creates a serial killer. I have to wonder does Melissa still wet her bed and light fires?

  15. Thank you so very much for your outstanding article, was lovely,factual and ever so cutting. Carina- Treehuggers vervet Sanctuary.

  16. Hypocrisy is loving a Lion or Dog whilst quietly snacking on Beef or Lamb. “Biologically a woman is the giver of life”. Really ! . Please be a Vegan ! Quit Meat !. Meat is unclean, full of pain & suffering and really quite bad for your health long-term.

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